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BFPLDALMIA TMT” is a registered brand owned by our company Bhawani Ferrous Pvt. Ltd. BFPL is one of the fastest growing Iron and Steel Company. The company produces high grade re-enforcement Bar as per the ISI standard norms in its German technology based Thermex processed re-rolling mills. We are into manufacturing, Franchise channel, Marketing and Distribution for a period of years. We manufacture construction related materials like TMT Bars, Structurals, Binding Wire & Nail and others. Our company promises to serve superior quality product which goes through advance and leading technology process and passes through strict quality laboratories and innovative re-search through our trained personals. Regular check of quality, grade & standard of the product has become a culture of the organization which helps us to give our consumer best possible quality & product.

Why Dalmia TMT?

BENDING PROPERTIES : DALMIA TMT Rebars have excellent bend properties due to the unique ductility (elongation values) obtained by employing the German "Thermex" Techonology.

BETTER WELDABILITY : DALMIA TMT rebars bars carbon content less than 0.25% can be used for butt and other weld joints without reduction in strength at the joints.

HIGHER STRENGTH : DALMIA TMT Rebars have higher strength and are available in all grades. So, now you can have high strength rebars and thus can easily cuts overall cost by optimizing consumption.

EARTHQUAKE RESITANCE : DALMIA TMT Rebars have high fatigue resitance due to its higher ductility. This makes it most suitable for use in earthquake prone areas.

FIRE RESISTANCE : DALMIA TMT Rebars have higher thermal stability.They are the preferred choice in case of elevated temperatures of 400 - 600 degrees centigrade applications (chimneys,fires).

CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT : Chemical metallurgical and physical properties as per design requirements of clients are given by DALMIA TMT. Additional relevant services are offered as per specific customer requirement.

BETTER METALLURGICAL PROPERTIES : Perfect temperature control system to ensure better metallurgical properties.

PERFECT ROUNDNESS : Tension less rolling through the loop scanner system during rolling process ensures reduction of oval shapes, which is generally present in traditional rolling mills. The automatic system ensures consistent, uniform properties and precise round shapes.


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Dalmia TMT

To serve the nation the best quality steel for today and tomorrow which helps us to give our consumer best possible quality & product.

Quality Policy

  • WE MANUFACTURE Construction Steel Products.
  • COMMIT Our Best Resources.
  • SEEK Customer Satisfaction.
  • ENSURE Conformance with Customers Requirements.
  • PERFORM As a Team.
  • MAINTAIN Continous Improvement System.

TMT manufacturing process required best quality raw materials procurement and latest technology efficient mills to give the product a complete grade. We at our plant procure best quality materials which process through two way check system and our German based Thermex rolling process gives the product the best outcome. Each steel bar is passed through a post-modern water-cooling system to create a temperature gradient in the bars. The core is reheated and quenched by a conduction method that tempers the external marten site. Then, the bar is taken out to cool, which leads to further cooling, attaining superior strength and toughness

founder of the company

‘Success through quality is our prime motto and our strong belief in it has brought us to where we are today’
Binod Kumar Sultania